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Comtronics Model-3100 Headset has a 31 dB noise attenuation rating making it one of the quietest passive headsets on the market today. The electret noise-canceling microphone has state-of-the-art voice quality and is compatible with all current Comtronics intercoms and radio interface cables. Headset cables can be terminated with a single plug or configured with two plugs for general aviation use. Earmuffs can be adjusted up or down.

All Comtronics helmets and headsets are designed for high noise environments and open cockpit flying including ultralights, powered parachutes, auto-gyros and all sport planes.

Another option item is ear seal covers.

Comtronics Model-3100 Headset, Model-3000 Headset and the COM-AIR Model-5000 Headset can be used by themselves or fitted inside a Comtronics PRO-COM Helmet completing the audio package.


  • Weight: 1 lb.

  • ITEM NO. 1000


  • Similar to Model-3100 Headset

  • General Aviation Plugs and Audio

  • Can also be fitted with our PRO-COM Helmet

  • Also available is a General Aviation - to - Ultralight Adapter

  • Noise-cancelling microphone

  • Weight: 1 lb.

  • ITEM NO. 1008

    Comtronics has developed a Capacitor Kit and In-Line Capacitor Cable for use with the ICOM-A6 and ICOM-A24 Radios. These items help to eliminate radio transmission squeal problems experienced with some configurations.

    • The Capacitor Kit is used with systems not using aircraft power. The In-Line Capacitor Cable is offered for systems using CR-20 power cable.

    • The Capacitor Kit is to be used when the radio has a rechargeable battery pack.

    • The In-Line Capacitor Cable is to be used when hooking up the radio to aircraft power.

    • Be sure to check out our General Aviation Headsets.

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